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University of Iowa team of researchers led by Dominique Limoli, PhD, hopes that identifying and understanding the strategies used by bacteria when they interact with one another might lead to new approaches for treating bacterial infections that threaten human health.
Jason Wilken, PT, PhD, opens the Human Performance and Clinical Outcomes lab within the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. This lab contains high-tech lab technology, virtual reality simulators, and gait analysis.
Get to know Lillian Howard, MS, and why she decided to become a genetic counselor.
Meet Ethan Kuperman, MD, clinical associate professor of internal medicine.
Meet Azeem Ahmed, MD, MBA, clinical professor of emergency medicine.
Meet Rahul Rastogi, MBBS, clinical professor of anesthesia.
Meet Jason Barker, MD, associate professor of internal medicine – infectious disease.
Meet Jill Endres, MD, clinical professor of family medicine.
Get to know current graduate student Ameya Walimbe.
Carver College of Medicine announces a request for poems and/or short stories which will be reviewed and judged for publication in a College of Medicine anthology of creative writing works.